Automatic Docking Connectors

For small I/O applications, mechanical interlocks are not always necessary.

Modern docking connectors are used with automatic handlers to contact the test adapter, thereby reducing test times. This makes it an ideal solution to minimize operator interaction and thus the possibility of error occurrence.

The Task

In an automated test setting, misalignment can lead to catastrophic failure.

Automatic docking connectors reduce the time it takes to test, making them an ideal solution for production or manufacturing environments. Automatic docking connectors also minimize operator interaction, which reduces the opportunity for error.

The Solution

Designed specifically for production and product testing applications, the iDock by VPC is an automatic docking connector with floating jacks and guide pins, which protect the contacts, modules and frames against misalignment. This connector can be used fully or partially assembled and accepts all our standard 90 Series or iSeries modules depending on design and customer configuration.

Configuration Example for our iDock D3/D4 connector:

Configured as D3, the connector allows the placement of 3x 90 Series modules. This configuration provides more signal density than an iCon connector and can have up to 672 contact points in less than 2U.

Configured as D4, high-density iCon modules can be used to achieve more diverse hybrid I/O contacts (signal, Coax or Power) that can be optimized for manufacturing or production testing. Fully loaded, you can reach up to 640 contacts in less than 2U.

All iDock RCVR and ITA are designed for a minimum of 100,000 cycles.