VPC - 90 Series

Our Series 90 interface offers a variety of contact options. With a range of 2 to 75 module solutions and the patented QuadraTrack engagement system, a simple and secure connection to the system is guaranteed every time. All systems are tested for 20.000 cycles.

The modular design of the Series 90 Receiver and ITA (Interchangeable Test Adapter) offer a wide range of solutions to meet your testing requirements.

Our 90 Series modules can be used universally in all of our Series 90 interface systems. There are 1 and 2 mounting positions for the respective contact points (signal, high current, coaxial, pneumatic, vacuum, fiber optic, POF, etc.). Each module is designed to use the maximum number of test points.

Everything fits together: RCVRs, ITAs, Modules, Contacts, Cables and Tools.

ITA / RCVR Small

G2, G6, G10

ITA / RCVR Medium

S6, G12, G12x

ITA / RCVR Large

G18, G20, 9025TR

ITA / RCVR Pull Through

G14X, G20x, G40x

High Speed